Making the Complex Simple

We draw on the most appropriate and useful information, skills and techniques to create a bespoke service to meet your requirements.

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Key to the successful delivery of our projects, analysis and outcomes is understanding and identifying with client needs and objectives. This informs selection and development of the most appropriate data, techniques, expertise and experience to reach the best possible outcome.

Framing the Question

We create and use media measurement of consumption and responses to media content.


To know what new measurement and analysis to consider, we frequently carry out a data and process audit to understand how existing knowledge, activity and information can be used or combined to respond to the question.

Understanding Resources

We use industry data, our own media panel, content identification, along with the IT, tools and techniques to use and combine them; our team includes experts in every field of media research.

Experience & Expertise

We have more than 20 years’ experience in media research; we know the benefits and shortcomings of different techniques and data sources, and we have a wealth of previous case studies to draw on.


We create and use media measurement of consumption and responses to media content.

TAM Measurement

We have experience of using TAM respondent level data from around the world.

BARB is the UK industry standard for TV audience measurement, with an on-going panel and passive peoplemeter measurement.  TRP Research is a BARB Bureau, with access to all forms of BARB data and licenced to provide services to BARB subscribers.

Nielsen Media measures TV audiences in the US.  TRP Research is licensed to provide studies of viewer behaviour and accesses data via software systems and in raw respondent-level form (the AMRLD).

SVOD Measurement

TRP Codex Daily granular measurement of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney +, Apple TV+, Discovery+ and Britbox to programme and episode level, plus YouTube to category level. All BARB Unmatched identified as SVOD, YouTube, DVD / Blu-ray, Gaming, Search / Pause.  Industry equivalent programmes metrics 000s and reach (rather than views, streams or downloads).  Learn More

Panels and Surveys

TRP Surveys our UK representative panel of adults 16+ and children aged 4-15, each participant having completed a detailed media-centric recruitment questionnaire enabling rich and media-focussed demographic splits is available to answer ad-hoc questions.  Overnight samples of 2,000+.  Learn More

We use partner agencies around the world to provide global survey capability.

We also run bespoke audience measurement panels tailored for the client need; online, postal, phone, face to face capability.  Specialising in recruiting and engaging hard to reach groups.  Multi-lingual survey capability.

Client Data

Client-owned and originated data is incorporated into data outputs, metrics, reporting and projects to add additional dimensions of understanding, insight and utility, making outcomes specific and relevant to the client need.


TRP Helix identified and classifies media content wherever and whenever it is available; enriching industry and client content data; creating new information about content. Learn more.

Content Library

At the heart of our capability to understand and link consumption of content wherever it happens is accurate, market-wide identification and classification of content, with a unique identifying code for each unique piece of content consumed.

Our TV Content Library covers all content made available on broadcast channels and via the major SVOD market offers: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Apple TV+, Discovery+ and Britbox.


The process of content identification also enables us to add new fields of information to existing data, such as repeat status, commercial spot classification and enriched sports broadcast information.

Data is created and appended using a combination of machine learning and the expertise of an experienced team, using unique hardware and software, created in-house.

Metadata added to our Content Library includes

  • Unique Content ID
  • Title
  • Series and Episode titles and numbers
  • Duration
  • Genre
  • Synopsis
  • Repeat Status
  • Dates available via SVOD platforms

The same capabilities that enable content identification and data enhancement also allow for new data to be created from broadcast.  For example, we generate a schedule of promotional spots for major broadcasters directly from on-air recordings and for programme entities titled “football” in industry data, we add:

  • Competition name
  • Teams
  • Exact timings
  • Sponsorship identification


We produce on-going reporting to enable rapid dissemination and understanding of media consumption information, designed to be accessible, meaningful, accurate and timely.

TRP Metrics

Our web-delivered data visualisation portal, TRP Metrics, is designed to put meaningful media information in the hands of all media professionals.

It is a way to visualise and explore media content consumption and reaction, with data “views” by Market, Channel and Content, so that everything relating to a specific channel or programme can be linked and understood quickly and easily.  Learn More


Our on-going reporting is delivered 365 days a year, and is tailored and customised to the client need.  It is flexible, adaptable and instantly shareable.  We know that needs and the market change, so we expect to adapt it to the need, as that need changes.

Reporting frequently incorporates multiple data sources, such as industry data, TRP primary measurement data, client-specific information and data enrichment, to produce the most meaningful possible reflection of the market, content and consumers.

We use combined data sources to answer research questions delivered in the most appropriate format.

Bespoke Query Tools

Often in conjunction with the results of Client-Specific Panels like S4C’s Panel Cyfryngau Cymru Media Panel Wales they facilitate analysis and segmentation of data across all available variables including services, content, participant demographics, and metrics. Fully customised and developed alongside the client, with the specific data and client at the forefront, bespoke data query tools are developed in-house using SQL.

Queried data can be exported in a variety of formats (e.g. .xlsx, .csv) for use in other standard software for further bespoke analysis.


In depth investigation of viewer behaviour and strategic planning, with clear findings and actionable recommendations.

TRP Consult

Working with major broadcaster around the world TRP Consult  combines our knowledge and expertise with respondent level data to provide strategic insight and recommendations. Learn more


Every project is tailored to the client.  We start by understanding and identifying with the needs and objectives and then designing a project to explore the issue.

The types of strategic questions we explore are challenging to approach and focus on strategic questions, especially about viewer behaviour:

  • Promo attribution and effectiveness
  • Break optimisation
  • Viewer journeys
  • Repeat strategy
  • Audience group evolution by weight of viewing
  • Overlap between content and networks


Imaginative, innovative use of data, tools and techniques in creative ways bring our experience and expertise to bear on the question.  Bespoke databases and techniques allow mass querying.

Many projects use respondent level data, allowing us to track, group and compare individual respondents, enabling understanding of how viewers behave.

Data from multiple sources are combined to explore different media and environments.

Learnings & Insight

Our approach gets to the heart of the strategic issues and digs deep at the available data and information.  We combine imaginative approach with the hard yards to create detailed analysis.

Findings are clear, accessible and detailed, responding directly to the question.


The ultimate objective of any Strategy project is to reach and make specific, actionable recommendations that speak to the project findings and take into account the particular circumstances of the client and situation.  Implementation is also supported with practical steps.


Our objective is always to meet the Client needs and answer the question in an expert, inventive and considered way.

The effects of using our measurement, data, information or strategic services and recommendations are measurable. Follow-up projects to understand the impact of recommendations and deliverables are carried out to measure the outcome, resulting in a virtuous circle of improvement.