TRP Consult is our expert media consultancy service that uses robust data and innovative techniques to inform strategy. Our proven methodologies have been developed over time and continue to be adapted to fit the changing marketplace. We have a highly experienced team with deep knowledge of working with respondent level data and extracting insights from the numbers, to provide clear and actionable recommendations to optimise strategy in the following areas, with proven positive outcomes:

Promo attribution and marketing ROI

Programme scheduling optimisation

Commercial break structure and placement

Programme lifecycle and windowing

Audience segmentation and targeting

All TRP Consult projects are completely bespoke and specified to fit your requirements and budget.  We produce an in-depth report to share with the core project team providing the background information behind our recommendations then create an executive summary suitable to wider presentation.  We are experienced in presenting high-level findings to senior stakeholders.  Our clients value our independent view on the results and ability to provide context against the wider marketplace.

Alongside our core delivery methods TRP Consult creates reports using data visualisation software Power BI. Our Power BI reports allow users to manipulate large and complex datasets with interactive visuals to provide actionable insights. With users able to delve into the dataset as they require to meet their research objectives, clients gain long term value and benefit from our reporting.  Click here to request a demo for our Power BI reports.

For further information about TRP Consult please contact Becky via the details below.

Becky Smith, Director

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