TRP Metrics is the complete visualisation portal support package for clients wanting to modernise the distribution of research insights by transitioning away from static delivery mechanisms like Excel and PowerPoint. There are three strands to this service:

Web dashboard design:- the “thinking” part of presenting meaningful and relevant information: formulating user-centric metrics, designing clear and simple visualisations, developing user-friendly navigation
Data architecture, data transformation and  API sets:- to feed into visualisation portals whether a TRP Research bespoke build, a client’s own software or off-the-shelf solutions such as Power BI, Tableau, MS Office etc 
Bespoke software builds:-completely tailored visualisation portals where off-the-shelf products don’t meet the need or are cost-prohibitive

Responding to feedback from the market, TRP Research has developed its own SaaS (Software as a Service) platform – a web portal providing an easy way to access and distribute media  measurement data in a visual format.

We have designed a product that is:

  • Visually beautiful and presents data in meaningful, elegant ways
  • Facilitates insight by presenting all information in one unified mechanism
  • Delivered online: viewable on a computer, laptop, tablet or phone
  • Self-serve and fully interactive
  • Personalised, customisable and secure

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Our solution is innovative because it is:

  • Designed specifically for media professionals, focussing on the “levers and dials” they need to make the best business decisions
  • Based around a series of linked and navigable Views, underpinned by our system of identifying, classifying and tracking Series and Episodes, whenever and however they are viewed
  • Composed of carefully curated and individually bespoke Widgets, a modular series of elements belonging to each View
  • Capable of accommodating different types of data together – from multiple sources and territories – thanks to the rigorous way we have designed the underlying data structure


For further information about TRP Metrics please contact James via the details below.

James Robinson, Director