Jan 2022

S4C commissioned us to set up and administer a bilingual audience research panel to measure audience appreciation and viewing to S4C and other services among adults 16+ living in Wales.


To recruit and administer an audience reaction panel representative of adults 16+ in Wales, based on languages spoken. To deliver audience appreciation and viewing metrics to S4C content.


TRP Research recruited and maintain a panel of Welsh and non-Welsh speakers representative of Wales. All communication with panellists, including surveys, is conducted in the language of choice.

Surveys are designed in collaboration with the client. The survey captures ongoing appreciation and reach of the S4C channel and programming, as well as relevant TV, radio, and online services.

The weekly survey process includes over 1,000 online surveys and more than 100 paper surveys. Data is collected, collated, weighted, and processed on a weekly basis.


To produce up to date and accurate listings, daily schedule files are checked against client schedules to ensure titles reflect broadcast transmissions. New content is coded for review by the client before being added to the Reporting Tool within the correct category, along with the measurement data results, for direct client access.


Reports capturing audience reactions to television, radio, and online services are provided on a weekly, quarterly, and ad hoc basis with regular correspondence via email accompanied by phone calls, face-to-face meetings, and presentation of results as required.

The service includes an ad hoc survey provision, with additional structured, semi-structured, and open-ended questions regularly sent to panellists. Ad hoc surveys are added when needed to provide further depth of understanding in terms of attitudes, perceptions, and behaviours towards platforms, services, genres, and/or content.

In addition, we have designed and built a bespoke reporting tool, allowing the client to query anonymised, weighted data from the weekly survey across all available metrics, services, and periods.




Via appreciation and perception metrics, as well as verbatim comments, we provide S4C with a clear understanding of their core audience beyond the number of viewers, adding the ‘why they watch’ behind the ‘what they watch’. The panel also offers the opportunity to bring viewing and usage of multiple platforms together in one source, providing insight into the composition of audiences across platforms and how these services overlap.

Our measurement and appreciation data contribute to key strategic decisions including scheduling, content acquisitions, and provides expert insight on what viewers want and why.