Case Studies: Real World Examples

These working examples are drawn from real world client  research projects. Each illustrates our approach to progress, use of techniques, resources and our commitment to specific, effective results.

S4C (Jan 2022)

S4C commissioned us to set up and administer a bilingual audience research panel to measure audience appreciation and viewing to S4C and other services among adults 16+ living in Wales.

Discovery (Oct 2021)

Several Discovery Inc. networks required a set of actionable recommendations to maximise retention and the natural flow of viewing from hour-to-hour and programme-to-programme following a period of significantly reduced promo inventory.

Channel 4 (Aug 2021)

Since 2003 TRP Research has supplied Channel 4 with rigorous data reporting for on-air promotional campaigns. Using our in-house databases, we examine multiple campaigns to create campaign performance metrics.

AMC (Aug 2021)

AMC Networks required an optimal on-air promotional strategy and a clear set of actionable guidelines advising how to best support different types of content and maximise ROI.

Formula 1 (Aug 2021)

Formula 1’s Drive to Survive launched in the UK in March 2019, with the second and third series following in 2020 and 2021. We worked with Formula 1 to understand how the series was instrumental in attracting new viewers to F1 race events.

Magic Light (Jul 2021)

In 2021 Magic Light Pictures’ new pre-school series, Pip and Posy, launched on Channel 5’s Milkshake! and Sky Kids on demand. Magic Light wanted to assess and understand how the new content was received by audiences.