TRP Reflex recognises regular reporting is the backbone to understanding media performance – of content, of channels, of brands. Our reporting showcases ongoing performance, providing support and key information to media users via a variety of delivery methods. All reporting is designed to enable rapid dissemination and understanding of media consumption that is accessible, meaningful, accurate and timely.

We work with a range of clients both in the UK and Internationally, this includes broadcasters and regulators, government bodies and independent production companies along with consultants – our experience covers all ground.

As a recognised and established Barb Bureau, we use in-depth media knowledge to translate client needs into systematic, innovative reporting which is continuously adapted to fit the changing marketplace. We ensure development of information over time, incorporating viewing consumption changes as they happen. This includes reporting on:

  • Traditional linear TV viewing
  • 4-screen viewing by device such as PC, Tablet, smartphone, and laptop
  • Non-linear viewing, pre-linear and post 35-day transmission
  • Subscription VOD
  • TRP Primary Research and in-house surveys

TRP Reflex integrates a wide range of media industry sources, as well as client-specific data. All client reporting is bespoke, and we hold regular meetings to review and understand customer needs to deliver tailored reporting in a chosen format. Our team are expert in linking multi-source data sets into reflective report design while maintaining quality as standard.

All reporting is delivered on a timetable to suit individual requirements and is provided in products complementary to our clients’ in-house systems.


Example Report:

For further information about TRP Reflex please contact Sarah Garland via the details below.

Sarah Garland, Research Manager