In September 2021 David Raybould took over as CEO of TRP Research.

As one of our founder shareholders David has the experience and expertise to guide TRP through this change of leadership. This appointment signals a new direction for TRP with an increased focus on delivering long-term value for customers through a more integrated offering of measurement, reporting and metadata services and bringing the successful Consultancy offering from the US to the UK & EMEA, while maintaining our core values of:

Partnership: partner not supplier, working shoulder to shoulder with clients to realise objectives

Integrity: honest, ethical and reliable; supportive and encouraging

Responsiveness:  supportive, flexible and quick to react

Innovation:  new methodologies, metrics and techniques; insight and actionable recommendations

Excellence:  professional, experienced and expert in our field

Tim Colwell, our outgoing CEO, has been retained on a consultancy basis and will remain a shareholder and champion of TRP Research.