Becky Smith and her team have a combined media research experience in excess of 125 years, and they can bring this to bear creating strategy changing research for your business.

All projects are bespoke, combining the most appropriate data and techniques, to provide actionable insights, recommendations and guidance. Existing knowledge and expertise alongside robust analysis guide production of a key change playbook to enable you to make necessary planning and strategy changes in an ever-evolving media environment.

Having largely focussed on US media clients for the last 10+ years, Becky said I am really pleased to bring our data-centric consultancy offer to UK clients and see the strategic benefits our research and insight can bring to the UK Networks’.

We know de-branded examples aren’t always easy to understand, so with this in mind we have worked with ITV to put together a real-world example project, showcasing our consultancy knowledge and expertise.

To see the ITV project example in full, or if you have a media strategy question that you are struggling to answer, please get in touch with Becky via