Daily granular measurement of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Disney+,

Discovery+, Britbox, YouTube, Gaming DVD and Blu-ray.

In the first half of 2021, the detail of 25% of ‘unidentified’ viewing on TV sets was not measured by industry sources.  TRP Codex SVOD measurement data helps you understand this viewing.

Powered by TRP Surveys, TRP Helix and innovative questionnaire design, this granular, programme level data provides a wealth of understanding on how and when individuals watch SVOD content.

Data Overview:

  • Robust: daily responses from 2,000+ Adults 16+ and 500+ Children 4-15
  • Granular: programme level data, split by device, time viewed etc for adults 16+
  • Individuals 4+: brand level data available for individuals 4+ and children 4-15
  • Insight: respondent level data for deeper analysis
  • Equivalent: traditional TV metrics (average audience, reach)
  • Total Viewing: captures all viewing, not just SVOD
  • Backdata: available to December 2019

For further information download our TRP Codex Brochure with Ratecard or contact Lainey via the details below.

Lainey Warwicker, Associate Director